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We are proud to announce the successful implementation of brand new 3D Robotics technology at our Operation Theater. This new KARL STORZ video imaging system uses a single camera to provide a three-dimensional sense of depth, making it easier to maneuver instruments in minimally invasive surgical procedures requiring more detailed, precise techniques of reconstruction and suturing. This system is designed for use ina ll specialities including gastrointestinal, general surgery, gynecology and urology.

The Tricam 3D Imaging System facilitates these complex surgical maneuvers by delivering superb spatial resolution with no sacrifice in image quality. A single stero optical channel with single image processing eleminates "binocular" rivalry and eyestrain while maintaining uniform brightness and resolution. The surgeon views crisp, clear images throguh a pair of lightweight polarizing glasses, thus eliminating the use of heavy headsets and goggles.

Surgery made easy by 3D laparscopy at the centre.

With the use of the new 3D laparoscopy camera unit called 'Einstein Vision', the limitation of laparoscopy being 2D no loger exists. Dr. Sam P. Abraham, gynaecological endoscopic surgeon also the Managing Director of Abraham's Infertility Centre uses this technology at his operation theater


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